Frequently asked questions

How do I apply my blush?

Select light shades to highlight the complexion and dim shades to structure the face. Apply light shades of blush with a brush to a the highest points of cheekbones and apply dull shades to the area beneath the cheekbones. This contouring impact will add profundity to your makeup.

How would i choose my signature Fragrance?

Choosing a frangrance is dependent on one's experience, which also relies upon your propensities and memory. This memory is regularly connected to individual feelings of your way of life. To be prompted in choosing a frangrance, we suggest that you visit an approved brand retailer. For our professional counsel on choosing a fragrance, contact our Authorized brand Retailers:

How would i apply cosmetics for evening wears?

Cosmetics is applied diversely for the evening than for daytime wear, pick a lighter shade of Foundation to help the brilliance. You can likewise accentuate your lipstick or Eye makeup Which will stand apart and shockingly better when combined with lighter establishment.

What do I do in the event that I can't smell my scent subsequent to having worn it for some time?

This sensation is very normal. It is occurs as a result of habitual use of the product which eventually disallows your mind to figure out the smell like it did when you first started wearing it. Nonetheless, don't fear: others can in any case smell and like the scent on you. There is , in any case, a basic method to improve your standard frangrance; utilize a couple of corresponding items from the line, for example, a cream or body salve.

Which order to apply my Serums and Toners

Steps 1. Wash your Face 2. Exfoliate 3. Add a Mask 4. Tone 5. Then serum 6. Add hyaluronic Acid 7. Don't forget Eye Cream 8. Retinoid For the Over 40 crowd 9. Night Cream

How to grow your eye lashes

1. Use olive oil : olive oil is rich in fatty acids which can improve the condition of your eye lash and help lengthen it. 2. Use our Serums 3. Comb your eyelashes ; This aids blood flow which carries nutrients to the eye lash region 4. Use Castor oil For more enquiries reach out to us